• My Journey

    Welcome to my new website.  After three full years with Leland's I am back on my own.  I can't thank Mike Heffner, Josh Evans, and Laura Dreyfus enough for my time with them, they are great colleagues and better friends.  Their perspective on the industry has helped me to elevate myself to a new level as a professional sports memorabilia dealer .

    Words cannot begin to describe how exciting it is to bring high quality sports memorabilia and cards directly to you without having to go through auction.  No more staying up all night to get what you want, just put it in the cart and proceed to checkout.  Things will come and go quickly as our clientele builds.  Inventory will be updated twice a week with fresh merchandise.

    If you have specific needs or wants please give me a call (814-381-4276).  You never know what I might have access to.


    Thank You for Looking


    Kevin Bronson

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