• The Great Northeast

    Just returned home from the Brimfield Antiques fair  with a car full of fresh items that will be added over the next couple of days.  Growing up in northern Connecticut makes this trip is a special one, not only do I get to see my family but I get to connect with some of the finest antique dealers in the world.   For over twenty years I have been attending the different shows and displaying items religiously .   With several days of sunny hot weather this fall show was spectacular.   Extensive searching turned up several  quality finds that included  pinbacks, photo's, baseball cards, and even a folk art red white and blue patriotic bat.  I was even lucky enough buy a few paintings for my own collection.  It's was a lot of walking but I can't think of a place I would rather be in September.

    If you have never been, these fields are the true American treasure hunt. The are many different shows opening at staggered times between Tuesday and Friday that stretch for nearly a mile along route 20 in Brimfield Ma .  There is a maze of vendors all looking to sell the unique items they have uncovered throughout the year.   Over the years some important sports items have been found including a Mayo Cut Plug Football Anonymous card as well as countless pieces of memorabilia.  Some real national treasures like Wyatt Earps gun and the original Indiana Jones leather hat have been discovered here. We hope to see you here at a show in the future .  You never know what will you find.

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